About us: We are Linckia!

About Us

We are an O2O coworking community, offering a working desk placed in creative, cozy, flexible and convenient working spaces. Moving forward with professional support and cooperative services, making long-distance co-work efficient and solving any problem of company growth. Beside that thanks to became part of community you can get resources for your business, career and sociality.

Our Story

Linckia is a sort of starfish. Is free, agile and flexible; We are a group of starfish, chasing freedom, enjoying working, appreciating life and persevering. In Linckia community are creating our own business, trying to make an achievement day by day and sharing resources.

Our Vision

Resources sharing, working with joy, living freely.

Our Mission

To create, for our “starfishes”, the most favourable coworking spaces and the most convenient and efficient services platform for company growth; to organise a friendly and helpful community.

Core Value

Freedom, sharing, support, innovation & enjoyment.

Linckia space

Linckia space

Our Team

  • Carol

    Linckia Coworking COO

  • Cynthia

    Marketing team

  • Katinka

    Marketing team

  • Greta

    Marketing team

  • Daisy

    Sales team

  • Daisy


  • Harry

    Reception staff

  • Ding Yong

    Reception staff

  • Frine

    Reception staff

  • Elaine

    Reception staff

  • Mandy

    Reception staff

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400-8213-809 | info@linckia.cn

Yuyuan East Road 20, Donghai Plaza building 3, 8th floor

Mon-Frid - 9:00 -24:00 / Sat-Sun - 9:00-21:00

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